Annie Blamey

I am a voice coach who helps leaders increase their presence in one to one meetings and in presentations. I use a video camera to record you so that you receive instant feedback, and I also coach you on your body language. Speaking too fast or too slow, too loud or two soft will effect people's perception of your personal power and charisma. Being aware of the impact that your voice can have in the delivery of a message is essential to successful communication, whether it be in a meeting, on the phone, in an interview or in formal presentation. A voice session, using video feedback, can highlight vocal strengths and weaknesses as well as provide an opportunity to try out specific exercises and techniques that will enhance voice production and flexibility. A voice tutorial ensures that voice and its impact will always be a main consideration in preparing for a meeting, interview or presentation.

Annie is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with over 20 years experience and most of her clients are media people.

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