Arielle Essex

As an executive coach with over 15 years experience, I am committed to helping people learn and understand the dynamics that support change both personally, in groups, and throughout an organization. I specialise in personal development, communication, and stress management. I think my best qualities are a sense of integrity, honesty, high values, and sense of fun, as well as an intuitive ability to bring focus and clarity to complex situations.

I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to reach extraordinary levels of leadership, vision and purpose. My mission is to help people meet the challenges of the 21st century, and make the choices that keep their lives in balance too. My wide range of knowledge in many diverse fields is what guides my gentle, yet thought- provoking questions, which are designed to help people elicit their own solutions from their personal experience. Through reflective listening, I assist people to reach their true potential, be more effective, and produce even better results than they think themselves capable.

For seven years, I have been the Managing Director of 'Practical Miracles', at the Integration Training Centre, giving top quality Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching and training all over the UK, France, USA, Austria, Israel, and Kuwait. NLP offers a wealth of highly effective skills, theory and technology for achieving human excellence and solving problems. I add even more depth to this set of knowledge and practice from my background in practical psychology, emotional intelligence and complementary medicine.

Some recent assignments include the design and coordination of a certified NLP practitioner and training programme for a major bank; the design and delivery of short training programmes on practical communication and relationship skills; on-going close support and coaching of a CEO undergoing organizational transformation; and consultant coach to senior managers preparing for appraisals for partnerships in an international auditing firm.

Formal learning and qualifications
Arielle has a diploma in humanistic psychology, with an extensive background and experience in health, having practiced as an osteopath and is a certified NLP trainer.

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