Denise Fryer

I am an experienced facilitator and business coach with a wealth of experience in the field of personal development from working with a variety of industries and projects both in the UK and internationally. Prior to becoming a consultant, I worked in the leisure industry and was corporate training and development manager for a hotel group. My track record is well established in partnering individuals, teams and organisations to support the achievement of both individual and organisational goals. I have a passion for people and assisting them in connecting to the important things in their life. My focus is on putting people in charge of their daily lives, situation or professional career.

My business experience includes working with all levels in an organisation from front line employees to chairmen and senior executives. I offer an international perspective, working extensively overseas, including the United States, Bermuda, Canada, Switzerland and Malta. My industry experience includes blue chip companies in banking, IT and communications, hotels, travel and tourism, facilities management, the motor industry, pharmaceuticals, institutions and government - I love variety! I tend to work on larger long-term projects where I can work interdependently with individuals, a team and organisation to create the desired impact.

My recent 1 - 1 executive coaching assignments include coaching senior individuals in city investment banking, pharmaceuticals and a major UK retail bank to prepare for a senior level promotion, take control of new career opportunities during a merger and increasing personal effectiveness. I also acted as a team coach to a change team during reorganisation. My other projects have been many and varied, and the range includes: developing training and development strategy, managing the recruitment and people development for new hotel openings, designing conferences and communication events, developing call handling best practice for a world wide IT company across Europe and Middle East, design and implementation of a programme to improve the sales performance of an airline call centre, development of training teams, project management for the implementation of a £25 million IT project and designing recruitment assessment centres.

The relationship I build when working acts as very powerful facilitator for getting the individual, team or organisation to take responsibility for their development. I have a comfortable and balanced style that is intuitive, practical, fun and informal. This approach enables people to feel safe with me, which enables us to deal with the issue at hand more effectively - the honest feedback I can give, that others may choose not to, is sometimes enough to change a behaviour.

Formal Learning and Qualifications
Denise is a certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy™, Certified Consultant and Trainer of Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile. She holds a Saville and Holdsworth Occupational Testing Certificate, Diploma in Accelerated Training, Level 1 Reiki certification. Fons Trompenaars Cultural Awareness model, Social Styles and Huna, the ancient Hawaiian art of healing are also areas of her expertise.

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