Jan Storey

A board-level executive coach who bridges the gaps between organisational practise, academic theory and psychology, I specialise in applying educational principles to business practice. I help executives manage stakeholders up, down, sideways and in client organisations. My expertise includes conflict management, teamwork development, development of personal presence and authority, research on people processes within organizations, facilitation, career growth and investment, and designing and managing coaching programmes.

I initiate and design tailored programmes to help clients learn how they learn and change, before they undertake major market or technological shifts. This includes initiating contingency activities at the planning stage so that clients become more emotionally intelligent to maximise their technical skills. I also examine the match between proposed learning programmes and the vital areas of the business plan, to prevent waste of financial and other resource before sign up.

I help leaders develop an authoritative and appropriate personal presence that enables them to be strong leaders in times of uncertainty, chaos and change. Through my 1-1 coaching and 'remote support' programmes, I help create resilience and well-being in over-stretched, senior managers who are experiencing major personal or professional crises that can limit effectiveness and performance.

I also know how to manage and measure best practice change management operations to increase the emotional intelligence of the management, and to promote peer learning and support within commercial organisations in order to provide a resilient learning organisation in times of change, stress, or expansion.

Recent clients include a two year range of programmes in the petroleum industry at board level; a year long board and middle management development programme in the automotive industry; 1-1 executive coaching in the financial sector of a major airline; and a company-wide learning-to-learn change programme in an international call-centre business.

Formal learning and qualifications
Jan is a part-time lecturer on the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies for Surrey University, which supports students up to and through dissertation stage. She also speaks on specialist research subjects about personal presence and related issues.

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