Richard Dean

I am an energetic and dynamic trainer, a subtle facilitator and an effective personal change coach, who focuses on the nuts and bolts of successful, practical human interactions. My trainings are full of colour, music and experiential learning, which guarantee you fast, practical results.

After a successful career in the City of London with British Telecom, I was invited to join the University of Arizona's Health Science centre as a group trainer/facilitator, working on a contract with the United States Department of Defense. For three years I worked with members of the U.S. Navy and civil service, developing people's interpersonal and self-management skills. I also worked on University projects designed to tackle drug and alcohol abuse. Later I turned my attention to the world of business, forging links with many international organisations to which I have become a valued resource. My work currently takes me into boardrooms, call centres and even onto the engineering shop floor.

I strongly believe that people are the most important thing in the world, and all of my work over the past 12 years reflects this belief. I specialise in interpersonal relationship management skills, stress and time management skills, exotic approaches to everyday problems, executive coaching, dynamic team building events that really work, and presentation skills training.

Recent assignments include: showing thousands of people how to continue working hard and stay well; teaching groups of people to use influencing skills that leave their integrity intact; and teaching a senior manager to dream, believe and influence so well, that she is now a successful director.

Formal learning and qualifications
Richard is an NLP Master Practitioner and qualified as a trainer with the University of Arizona, USA, since 1987.

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