Simon Lovegrove

During the last couple of years I have focussed my work on developing the emotional and strategic competence of leaders and their teams. I help and guide leaders through their personal transitions, helping them make the right moves in their business life. I also help teams develop the will to work together and the values, attitudes, skills and habits that make them effective. One of my key skills is to enter a situation where there are no 'maps', navigate from uncertainty, make sense of the situation, and bring it to resolution. My focus is on achieving results through the development of the individual and then using these results to catalyze self-awareness and action. As a coach, my firm belief is that change can happen in an instant, but it usually takes time, reflective thought, and support. To measure the results, I think it's important to look at both the tangible and intangible effects on a client's life and work.

I believe business life provides a wonderful crucible for the development of the human spirit. It appears to demand ruthlessness and pragmatism, yet it gives better rewards to generosity and vision. Not all business people realise this nor see all the capabilities that are available to them.

I coach to bring out the best in people. I am interested in how business people can grow in wisdom and maturity, become more effective and sharp in their work and how they can enjoy their whole lives more. When my clients become more effective, improve their results, and spend less time working, I am delighted. When their whole lives take on greater ease and greater fulfilment, they are delighted.

Recent assignments include executive coaching for board members of a UK retail bank during a major change programme; design and implementation of a service change programme for a utility company; executive coaching for Global IS management team members of a large pharmaceutical company through a merger; strategic facilitation for the board of an e-commerce software company.

Formal learning and qualifications
Simon has a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP), a Diploma in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, 20 years of personal development work including: emotional intelligence, thought and feeling, creative aggression, personal transformation, and Taoist and yoga energy work.

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